As strong believers of plant-based medicine, we set out to create a powerful, potent product that blends the world of cannabis with that of traditional herbalism.

We brought in the expertise of Master Herbalists, Ph.D. Chemists, and experts in cannabis to develop this first-of-its-kind formula. We spent half a year just looking for the right kind of hemp to be able to yield the most medicinal profile.

We took the time to make sure that our supply chain was eco-friendly. We sourced organic for every ingredient and conducted rigorous testing at every step along the way to assure our customers that our plant-based medicine is safe and good for the planet.

We wanted our impact to go full circle, which is why we have committed to donating 1% of profits to organizations dedicated to women’s health and those whose mission is to create a just and equitable cannabis industry. To learn more about the organizations we support check out the FAQs section “Giving Back.”

We built this company with the utmost integrity because we are on a mission to mainstream medicinal plants in service of helping women take charge of their own health.


1. Harness the power of preventative and plant-based medicine in conjunction with (not as a replacement for) modern medicine.

2. Know that wellness is a journey and is about realizing your fullest self (it’s not just about looking good).

3. Celebrate our bizarre and beautiful ecosystem; slow down and spend some time with the trees and bees.


I’m Sarah, the founder of Prismatic Plants. And this is how Good Day and Good Night were born.

Throughout my 20s, I struggled with chronic health issues that left me exhausted, sick, and with a feeling that something wasn’t right. I became very ill from a parasite and the aftermath of being over-prescribed antibiotics. I could barely tolerate any food and maintaining my high-stress job felt impossible. 

It was at this point, after allopathic medicine failed me, that I turned to alternative forms of medicine and the power of plants. I started experimenting with herbalism and naturopathy, and spent years researching my ailments so I could become my own best health advocate. Working with integrative medical professionals, I discovered that plant-based medicine would be crucial to my recovery.

I discovered the magic of CBD, CBDa, and CBN for fighting inflammation, decreasing stress, and helping my body heal itself naturally. By combining adaptogens, cannabinoids, and edible essential oils, I was able to find focus, decrease stress, and enjoy food (and life) for the first time in years. 

While I was struggling with my health, I noticed the same symptoms in many of my peers, mostly women. We were all experiencing mystery illnesses related to stress and environmental toxins. It felt like we were running a race, but getting farther away from our best selves. 

I quit my day job and channeled everything I’d learned into two powerful tinctures: Good Day and Good Night. These aren’t miracle drugs, or a band-aid solution. They’re plant-based support for your body’s own healing powers—so you can get back to feeling good; to feeling like the real you.

I hope you have a good day and good night, always.

💖 Sarah

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