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Thank You For Your Business! ❤️ ❌ STORE CLOSED. No Longer Taking Orders. ❌

Give the Gift of Great Sleep

As a follow-up to our stress-free day gift guide, here is our night gift guide. Within this guide, you'll find gifts that focus on captivating a sense of calm, soothing a busy mind, and preparing your dojo for the ultimate night's rest.

We've carefully curated brands on this list who prioritize sustainability, quality ingredients and a mission-led mentality of helping people feel their best.

  Step 1: Get Comfy! Kick off your shoes and fancy clothes and get into your best indoor digs. Block Shop’s robes are our go-to comfy clothes that keep us feeling chic on the laziest of days. Treat yourself, your friend or your mama while supporting fair wages and healthy working conditions.  

Step 2: The Perfect NightCap You know how it goes.. your night is winding down and you’re looking for the perfect treat that won’t affect your sleep. Something that’s yummy and if it’s good for you well, yehaw, that’s a one-stop-shop! Here’s our one-stop-shop: Mix Golde's Turmeric Tonic with a lil bit of Activist Manuka Honey + our Good Night formula. Queue the zzz’s and sweet dreams.  

Step: 3 Create a space that welcomes deep zzz’s Too hot or too cold? Ain’t got time for that when we need rest! Kiss the tossing and turning buh-bye with Buffy’s Breeze Comforter. Breezy on the bod, low impact on mother earth. Buffy is earth-friendly and cruelty-free! Oh and we can’t forget Alexis Smart’s Sun Moon Room Spray - a g.o.o.d. smelling room is a room that you WILL spend time in. Her combo of essential oils always has us feeling like our best, balanced selves.  

Step 4: Wind Down Science says: Cut off phone (and computer) time 1 hour before bed for better quality sleep. Let your mind unwind while reading the latest Broccoli Mag - a sure bet that you’ll hit R.E.M. with magical colors and inspiring thoughts to influence your dreams.  

Step 5: Lights off! Prepare for take off...into dreamland. Want to feel like some sort of superhero while not letting anything mess with your sleep? Then run, don’t walk to buy Lunya’s Washable Silk (sooo silky) Sleep Mask. Sleep well and thank us later. Double up on self-care while sleeping by apply Henne’s lip mask before bed. Wake up, and violá you have the lips of a well-rested angel.