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The Benefits of CBDa

CBD is the current hero of the cannabinoid world, but it is only one of 100+ powerful-healing cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CBDa (cannabidiolic acid) is the precursor or raw form of CBD before it has been decarboxylated. Naturally found in abundance in Cannabis sativa L. (also known as hemp), CBDa has not been studied as in-depth as CBD. However, recent studies are beginning to show the medicinal potential behind this potent cannabinoid.

close up of cannabis flowers

Here is what we are currently learning. CBDa influences the endocannabinoid system but not through the CB1 receptors. Instead, CBDa helps to optimize our endocannabinoid system in part through regulating 4 enzymes that are responsible for inflammation (COX-1, COX-2, TNF-Alpha, Interleukin-10). 

CBDa can benefit:

  • Inflammation & Pain Relief: CBDa can act as a COX-2-inhibitor, which means it can be a potent anti-inflammatory that works similar to traditional NSAID drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin. But unlike traditional NSAIDs, it won't damage your gut/digestive system since it doesn't inhibit the function of COX-1, the enzyme that regulates keeping the lining of the intestines healthy and in good working order. 

  • Depression: Found to affect the same receptors as CBD for controlling stress and anxiety. One group of researchers found that CBDa is 10x to 100x more effective than CBD for stress and anxiety.

There are tons of CBD products out there, but how can you find CBDa? Most people consume CBDa by juicing raw hemp...not easy to come by and doesn’t taste great. The standard CBD oil or products you buy would have little to none of CBDa since it turns into CBD when it is decarboxylated. If you’re interested in seeing the effects of CBDa for yourself, our Good Day features 100mg of the CBDa in addition to 300mg of CBD. Our extract comes from a certified organic farm that specializes in highly medicinal full spectrum extracts.