Authenticity--Why is it important?

What does it mean to be authentic? Our view is that being authentic is actually quite different than being original. Authenticity is acting, speaking and living in a way that resonates with our individual sense of self. It’s a key part of centering ourselves amongst work, play, friendship, and romance.

Now that we’ve split the word open, how can authenticity affect our daily lives? The answer in short; by feeling grounded in your individuality! In other words, a heavy dose of self-love and acceptance. Get in touch with YOU - what do you like, what don’t you like? Trade the self-doubt for self-understanding. Say hello to your mistakes and flaws and realize that they’ve shaped you. The outcome of self-acceptance is feeling more appreciative of the unique things that make you, you and them, them.

As a small business owner, this was an important part of the journey for me. My core values have shaped my business values by employing a sense of authenticity. When I got to know myself, I was able to ask the questions I needed to in order to help others -- How can my products help people become more connected to their bodies? How can it advocate for wellness prevention vs. medical intervention? The answer = living and breathing my values in all aspects of Prismatic Plants. From the master-herbalists to extensive product testing to the eco-conscious packaging--each decision was made with intention, with values that are integral to building a responsible business with people & the planet in mind. To sum things up, let your values be your guide and the synergies between business and life will fall into sublime alignment. Rewarding you with a sense of fulfillment and purpose.