How Hemp & Adaptogens Work Together To Heal

When we think of the term “dream team,” it’s hard to imagine a better definition than adaptogens and hemp. Their combined superpowers are synergistic and complementary, representing well-rounded medicinal coverage. Before creating our tinctures, we had experienced the benefits of cannabinoids and adaptogens separately. We knew their abilities and wanted to create something that simplified our wellness routine while providing balance and whole-body plant-based support. Why stop at one powerful plant when you can have a handful? Alas! Prismatic Plants was born.

So, how exactly do adaptogens and hemp work together? To start, let’s talk about the primary roles adaptogens and hemp play in our bodies. Adaptogens help the body adapt, supporting a healthy response to modern stressors while maintaining balance within the body, AKA homeostasis. Adaptogenic plants interact with the HPA (Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal) axis, which is responsible for regulating our nervous system and our stress response. Prolonged stress causes HPA depletion, reducing thyroid function. This means that your nervous system is not getting the support it needs to function optimally. The perfect analogy to describe this relationship medically is to imagine what working out does for your muscles; adaptogens equip your body to pivot around stress with ease no matter what the day brings. Better stress response → less cortisol release → reduction in anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress. Hello, balance and smoother days! 

Now, onto hemp. Hemp’s cannabinoids work with our own endocannabinoid system to create stability (homeostasis) across all our basic processes which affect mood, stress, sleep, pain, appetite & metabolism, immunity, and reproduction. It does this by interacting with various receptors located throughout the body (more on that here). These receptors work to clear inflammation to keep each system in our body flowing smoothly. Everyday we come in contact with inflammatory triggers- diet/food, chemicals, alcohol, pollution, chronic illness, stress, you name it. When inflammation goes unchecked it can be detrimental to the body in the long term, resulting in various diseases like diabetes, cancer, IBS, and heart disease. Research is also showing that CBD specifically interacts with our limbic and paralimbic system helping to de-escalate our fight or flight response when faced with a stressful situation. Our Prismatic Plants’ formulas utilize an organic full-spectrum hemp extract with key cannabinoids like CBD, CBDa, and sleep-promoting CBN, in an effort to bring as much of hemp’s benefit as we can in encouraging the body back to homeostasis.  
So in summary, we have the adaptogens and herbs working on our HPA axis to support our nervous system and hemp extract working to support our endocannabinoid system which helps to regulate all of our internal workings and our limbic system - talk about a powerhouse duo! Our plants are working on different parts of the body but with the same common goal - prevent burnout and promote balance. When we use adaptogens and hemp together, we are doubling up on stress support and paving the way for inner harmony. It’s essential to view this harmonious flow as preventative herbalism and treatment - healing in the now and preventing issues in the future. 

This wonder blend came to be after our founder Sarah set off to treat her chronic illness, she found that this combination of adaptogens and hemp made her feel better in the moment while doing double duty in helping to heal her long-term chronic issues- a result that she’d never experienced with other medicine (plant medicine included!). So Good Day and Good Night came to fruition. We like to think of our formulas as the ultimate stress-fighting team, thwarting off daily inflammatory triggers while promoting calm energy and a healthy sleep cycle- something that we all pretty much need these days! With regular use, we hope it can help you step into your fullest potential, letting you focus on the things that matter instead of constant stress weighing you down.

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