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Welcome to our Prismatic Plants blog where we discuss the wonderful world of plant-based medicine and share various musings on how to find balance in our busy modern lives.

6 Dimensions of Wellness

First and foremost, wellness is not a trend (though trendy 😉) and it’s inclusive of *every* individual being.…
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Intuition--The Sixth Sense

We’ve all had a moment where we feel guided by something inside ourselves. Did you know that the…
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Give the Gift of Great Sleep

As a follow-up to our stress-free day gift guide, here is our night gift guide. Within this guide,…
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Give the Gift of a Stress Free Day

Hey hey, it’s another gift guide! And you know why? Because gift guides are fun and gift-giving (treating…
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Authenticity--Why is it important?

What does it mean to be authentic? Our view is that being authentic is actually quite different than…
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