The Mini Set

This synergistic duo contains hemp + adaptogens for total body healing. These herbs work on multiple systems in the body to relieve stress, sleep deeply, decrease inflammation and brain fog, and help you feel your best every day.

The Mini Set includes both the Good Day and Good Night tinctures. 

Good Day supports stress relief and calm energy with herbs like Schisandra, Rhodiola, Bacopa, White Ginseng, and Holy Basil. Our full-spectrum hemp includes CBD and CBDa--a key cannabinoid for healing inflammation.

Good Night supports deep, sound sleep without morning fogginess. Our herbs include adaptogens (Ashwaganda), functional mushrooms (Reishi), nervines (Skullcap and Oatstraw), and sleep-inducing Valerian and California Poppy. This is paired with full spectrum hemp to calm a racing mind and CBN to support deep sleep.

The perfect way to try our formulas before purchasing the full size. 

☺︎ 30-Day Happiness Guarantee*

Good Day

This all-in-one formula is made with organic adaptogens + full-spectrum hemp to provide total body healing--results surpass what CBD alone can do.

The adaptogens (Schisandra, Rhodiola, White Ginseng, Holy Basil) and hemp work together to take off that stressful edge. The nootropic herbs (Bacopa, Rosemary, Lemon) help you stay focused and add mental clarity. The CBD and CBDa help to soothe the nerves, and decrease inflammation & brain fog.

The result is a calm yet energized focus throughout your day.

☺︎ 30-Day Happiness Guarantee*