Take On Your Day Without the stress

Our Good Day formula helps to reduce anxiety while allowing you to stay sharp and tuned in to your daytime flow.

A Prismatic Approach to Stress Relief

What our Customers Say


I am new to cbd and I am a fan. I originally started just because I was looking for something to take the edge off my anxiety throughout the day. Of course, I still have anxiety, but I really do feel like it has eased the intense, crippling feeling I would so often get. I don’t feel sleepy after taking it either, which is one thing I was worried aRead more about review stating Wonderful bout when I started. Thank you!
Sara P.

Lifelong Customer

There's a great deal of thought and care behind this product, and it's felt not just in the delightful wellness benefits, but the way in which the ingredients are sourced and processed. I wake up everyday with this tincture. Lifelong customer.
Tim P.

This Works!

I have fibromyalgia and I've been looking for something that helps that isn't a narcotic. This works n I feel amazing!! Thanks again !!
Ruthie c.


Feel Less Anxious

Good Day’s formula will keep you cool, calm & collected. A blend of Hemp Extract, Holy Basil and Schisandra harmonizes to calm and soothe anxious nerves.


Improve Focus without Stimulants

Bacopa, Rhodiola, White Ginseng, and Rosemary & Lemon essential oil are scientifically proven to improve alertness focus, and energy.

Since these herbs do not increase cortisol like caffeine, the effects are a sustained calm focus instead of an intense spike and crash as with stimulants like coffee.

Designed with Holistic & Ethical Integrity

Expert Formulation

We worked with Master Herbalists, Ph.D. Chemists, and experts in hemp to create our one-of-a-kind formulas. Using only organic ingredients, we found a way to blend potent herbs found in traditional herbalism with a highly medicinal hemp extract without the use of additives or fillers.

The result is a bioavailable plant-based medicine that helps give relief immediately while continually improving your health with sustained use.


A Note from our Founder

I have spent years working with integrative medical professionals and have discovered the magic of plant based medicine for fighting inflammation, decreasing stress, and helping my body heal itself naturally.

By combining adaptogens, cannabinoids, and edible essential oils, I was able to find focus, decrease stress, and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have channeled everything I’ve learned into two powerful tinctures: Good Day & Good Night. They’re plant-based support for your body’s own healing powers—so you can get back to feeling good; to feeling like the real you.

I hope you have a good day, always.


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