Your Best Day, Everyday

Our synergistic duo helps reduce stress, enhance daytime focus, and provide deep, rejuvenating sleep.

A Prismatic Approach to Wellness

What our Customers Say

Best By Far

It’s hard to describe how good these tinctures are, but if you’re thinking about it just go for it. This company seems genuinely thoughtful and intentional about how these things are formulated, and I am really happy to have found them. There are so many products and companies out there and I have tried many of them. For me this is the best by far. TRY IT!!!!

Dream Come True

I've been taking CBD for both daytime anxiety and insomnia and the Good Day and the Good Night tinctures are a dream come true! I'm more focused during the day and I sleep better at night. Definitely recommend them both!


Approaching 50, things are changing + inflammation is harder to keep under control with just my diet. I can not believe the amount of reduction of inflammation, the focus improvement and the incredible sleep I started to feel 2 weeks after starting Good Day + Good Night! Will be ordering double the amount next time so that I don't run out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating something that has been a game changer in my quest for wellness.
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Meet Good Day

Good Day's Formula will keep you cool, calm, and collected so you can handle any task that comes your way. Made with adaptogencs like Rhodiola, Schisandra, Bacopa, and White Ginseng, it helps calm nerves while enhancing vitality.

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Meet Good Night

Immediate, Non-Addictive Relief from Stress and Insomnia

Rest easy knowing that our proprietary blend of medicinal hemp, and calming herbs is non habit forming and was formulated by Master Herbalists & Ph.D. Chemists. Helping you unwind and fall asleep with ease as part of your routine.

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High Quality Organic Ingredients

We use only organic ingredients and rigorously test for heavy metals, pesticides, and mycotocins to ensure our plant-based medicine is truly serving your health and well being.


A Note from our Founder

I have spent years working with integrative medical professionals and have discovered the magic of plant based medicine for fighting inflammation, decreasing stress, and helping my body heal itself naturally.

By combining adaptogens, cannabinoids, and edible essential oils, I was able to find focus, decrease stress, and enjoy life to the fullest.

I have channeled everything I’ve learned into two powerful tinctures: Good Day & Good Night. They’re plant-based support for your body’s own healing powers—so you can get back to feeling good; to feeling like the real you.

I hope you have a good day, always.


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