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Meet Good Day

Anxiety soothing full spectrum hemp oil (CBD, CBDa) and energizing adaptogenic herbs in our daytime tincture

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Meet Good Night

Our nighttime CBD tincture for sleep support, with calming herbs, immune-enhancing adaptogens, and stress-relieving cannabinoids (CBD, CBN)

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Prismatic Reviews

Love It!

I honestly was very skeptical of CBD benefits. But decided it was worth a try since there were so many amazing reviews. I am so happy I gave it a shot. I am close to done with my first two bottles and I have seen a noticeable difference in a lot of aspects of my life. I am a lot more focused, I am less achy throughout the day, less anxious. The night time oil gets me nice and relaxed and ready for bed and makes me feel nice and cozy. I am now obsessed and will definitely be buying again and have recommended to all of my friends.
Brittni M.

Superb Quality

There's a great deal of thought and care behind this product, and it's felt not just in the delightful wellness benefits, but the way in which the ingredients are sourced and processed. I wake up every day with this tincture. Lifelong customer.
Tim P.


Approaching 50, things are changing + inflammation is harder to keep under control with just my diet. I can not believe the amount of reduction of inflammation, the focus improvement and the incredible sleep I started to feel 2 weeks after starting Good Day + Good Night! Will be ordering double the amount next time so that I don’t run out. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating something that has been a game-changer in my quest for wellness.
Heather S.

Great Energy & Calm

I love the yin and yang of Good Day and Good Night. Day provides me with more energy, clarity and focus while feeling less stressed and anxious. Night makes me feel super relaxed and ready for bed, while my sleep feels deeper and more restorative. All-around super happy with the products!
Christoph F.

Excellent Products

I bought these hoping they would improve my quality of sleep (night jumps, waking up, trouble going to sleep) and mild daytime anxiety. I’ve taken 8 or so drops each morning and night for the past several weeks and literally have had no symptoms since. I’m amazed at how relaxed I am during the day especially when I have to manage stressful work-related issues and I’m happy to no longer have to meditate to relax myself a few times per day. I will definitely continue taking.
Linda R.

Less Stress. More Vibrancy.

By healing your body’s nervous and immune systems, our adaptogen CBD oil drops provide natural stress relief and better sleep. 

We consulted the wisdom of Master Herbalists, PhD Chemists, and Cannabis Experts to develop this first-of-its-kind formula-- adaptogens, non-psychoactive cannabis, edible essential oils, and immune-lifting mushrooms are in one supercharged elixir.

Take it now for instant stress or insomnia relief, and take it long term to let the power of plants help you achieve optimal health.

A Prismatic Approach to Stress Relief

Adaptogens naturally heal the body’s response to stress. Why? These non-toxic herbs (think Ashwagandha, Rhodiola, Reishi Mushroom, and White Asian Ginseng) flourish in stressful environmental conditions. Their resilience transfers to your body, so you can better adapt to your environmental stressors.

Your body naturally produces endocannabinoids, which are key to regulating your mental and physical wellbeing. Our CBD tinctures for sleep support and stress relief work to replenish cannabinoids in the body for reduced anxiety, inflammation, and pain. In Good Day, CBDa works synergistically with cannabidiol (CBD) to enhance it’s health benefits. CBN is used in Good Night as a natural sleep aid.

Our adaptogen CBD oil drops are derived from the hemp plant. They do not contain more than 0.3% THC and will not make you high.

Edible essential oils (rosemary, lemon, lavender) add to our formulas’ subtly herbaceous taste. We’ve included them to aid digestion, enhance mood, and increase cognitive function. These added essential oils contribute to the terpenes found in our formulas.

Not Your Average Hemp

Our hemp is organically grown and then expertly extracted using the whole plant- mainly the flower, not just stalks and leaves. This creates a potent, ultra-pure, full-spectrum extract with cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Other hemp extraction methodologies damage the plant in favor of quick mass production. We take care of our hemp by processing it slowly to yield the most efficacious medicine possible.

Organic Full Spectrum Hemp
Potent Medicinal Cannabinoid Profile
Premium Extraction
No High, Just Bliss
Prismatic Press

"Helps me start each day off on the right food with a clear mind and steady energy- no coffee necessary"


"Combines cannabis with traditional herbalism and the increase focus & calm..."


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"CBD & CBN work wonders in helping your brain and body relax and fall into a deep sleep..."


"This organic wonder drop is full of other adaptogens and herbs too.."


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Elle Mag Print Issue April 2020

"This day-to-night CBD tincture is the perfect tag-team for morning and evening stress"


"Good Night Tincture combines all the relaxing elements of cannabis without the unwanted side effects"

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