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Beyond CBD

You’ve likely heard all the buzz around Cannabidiol (CBD) and its growing list of health benefits. We didn’t want to stop there, it is just one of the superpower plants in our Prismatic Plants formulas. We added other science-backed nutrients including medicinal cannabinoids, high-vibe adaptogens, and topped it off with synergistic edible essential oils to dial in your perfect day from morning through night.

Crafted with Care

We built this product to be good for people AND to be good to Mother Earth. We support farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. Every herbal ingredient is certified organic and our hemp is grown organically. All of our ingredients go through comprehensive testing to backup safety and efficacy throughout our manufacturing. Our extraction process uses zero fossil fuels. All of our supply chain partners are U.S. companies to not just support our local economy, but reduce emissions during transit. Our packaging and shipping materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. To top it off, we wanted to further our impact by donating 1% of profits to organizations focused on women’s health and social equity in the cannabis industry.

Quality Testing


Supply Chain

1% donated
to like-minded organizations


The brilliance of our formula is that you feel relief from stress and/or insomnia immediately but over time it doubles as support for your overall health. Our cannabinoids and adaptogens work together to help us heal from within and bring our bodies back to balance. Long-term benefits can start to be felt in a few weeks time with daily use.

Not your average hemp

Our hemp is organically grown and then cold extracted in ethanol using the whole plant not just stalks and leaves. This creates a potent, ultra-pure extract full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Other hemp extraction methodologies damage the plant in favor of mass production. We take care of our hemp by processing it slowly to yield the most efficacious medicine possible. 

full spectrum
hemp extract

Cold ethanol

potent medicinal
cannabinoid profile

no high,
just bliss

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