The Mini Set
The Mini Set
The Mini Set
The Mini Set
Starter Kit For Day & Night

The Mini Set

This synergistic duo contains hemp + adaptogens to promote total body healing.* These herbs work on multiple systems in the body to help relieve stress, aid deep sleep, assist in inflammation and brain fog.* Our goal is to help you feel your best every day.

The Mini Set includes both the Good Day and Good Night tinctures. 

Good Day supports stress relief and calm energy with herbs like Schisandra, Rhodiola, Bacopa, White Ginseng, and Holy Basil.* Our organic full-spectrum hemp includes CBD and CBDa--a key cannabinoid reported to help aid inflammation.*

Good Night supports deep, sound sleep without morning fogginess.* Our herbs include adaptogens (Ashwagandha), functional mushrooms (Reishi), nervines (Skullcap and Oatstraw), and sleep-supporting herbs Valerian and California Poppy.* This is paired with organic full-spectrum hemp to help calm a racing mind and CBN to support deep sleep.*

The perfect way to try our formulas before purchasing the full size. 

‚ėļԳ鬆30-Day Happiness Guarantee

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Try our signature Day & Night Set. Calm energy for your days & restorative, deep sleep for your nights. Purchase together and save.

Good Day

  • Promotes Stress Relief*
  • Aids in Mental Clarity & Focus*
  • Energy Support*
  • Anti-Inflammation Support*


Good Night

  • Helps with Deep Sleep without Morning Grogginess*
  • Promotes Stress Relief*
  • Immunity Support*
  • Adrenal Support*


Good Day: 10mg CBD, 3mg CBDa per serving 
Good Night: 10mg CBD, 0.3mg CBN per serving

Good Day: Herbaceous with notes of ginseng, rosemary and lemon
Good Night: Herbaceous with notes of valerian and lavender

Good Day:
Organic MCT Oil, Organic Extract Blend (Schisandra Berry, Bacopa Leaf, Asian Ginseng Root, Rhodiola Root, Holy Basil Leaf), Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Good Night:
Organic MCT Oil, Organic Extract Blend (Reishi Fruiting Body, Oatstraw Aerial Parts, Ashwagandha Root, Valerian Root, California Poppy Aerial Parts, Skullcap Aerial Parts), Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Everyone’s physiology is different. Start with our recommended dose and increase or decrease as needed. For best results, take Good Day in the morning or at the onset of stress, and take Good Night 30 min before bedtime.

For those familiar with CBD, take 1 ml or 1 dropperful under tongue for best effect. Increase 1‚Äď2x for a stronger effect.

For CBD newbies, start slow with 5 drops under tongue. Wait 30 mins. If you feel no major change, add 0.5 ml (1/2 a dropper).

If taste is too strong for your liking, try diluting in water, juice or a warm latte. 

What tests do you run on your products?
Our products and individual ingredients are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, yeast, mold, pathogenic bacteria, mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds, and cannabis potency. We have a Certificate Of Analysis attached to every batch to ensure product safety. If you would like to see our COAs, please click the links below:
Good Day
Good Night

Who should not take our products?
We do not recommend our products to pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under the age of 18, or those who have serious medical conditions. If you are taking any prescription drugs --blood thinners, calcium channel blockers, steroids, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, anti-arrhythmics, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-epileptics, beta-blockers, NSAIDs, --please be advised that CBD can inhibit your bodies ability to metabolize them. We recommend talking with your doctor before purchasing our product. More info on prescription drug interactions here.

What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are natural, non-toxic herbs which allow the body to ‚Äúadapt‚ÄĚ to physical, chemical, environmental, or biological stressors. They have the unique ability to support the bodies recovery from these stressors by bringing it back to balance or homeostasis. Adaptogens grow in climates where it is inundated with environmental stressors. This innate resilience to combat environmental stress is why this plant/herb ends up being so beneficial when ingested by humans. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years but were not formally studied until the 1940s.

What is your return policy?
Unhappy with the product? We carry a happiness guarantee on our products. If you are not satisfied with our products, simply return the unused portion of the product. If we receive a returned product within 30 days, we will issue a full refund. Reach out to our support team at for assistance on returning items.


These products have changed my life and I'm only two weeks into using them. The daytime formula completely calms my low-grade anxiety to help me have more productive days and the nighttime formula has helped me get deeper and more restful sleep. I absolutely recommend these products and will continue buying them!
Review by Jillian C. on 11/09/20

Love the Day & Night Set

The Day formula helps me feel alert and focused, and also relieves me of any anxiety that I would usually be feeling in the morning. The Night formula gives me the BEST nights sleep. I can use this in leu of a prescription sleeping medication to aid me in slumber. I have so much more energy during the day now that I am getting a great nights sleep. I will continue to replace my set!
Review by Madeline H. on 3/25/21

Magical Elixirs!

These magical elixirs make my days right and my nights dreamy. They are a part of my daily ritual and have improved my spirit and well-being. Grateful for this plant medicine!!!
Review by Victoria L on 03/02/21

Calm but not Tired

These are the best CBD products I have ever tried! The flavor is actually enjoyable. The daytime one makes me feel so calm - but not groggy or tired in any way. The nighttime one tastes really good and it has given me really vivid dreams (they’ve been positive so far, nothing scary), which I read could be the valerian. I def recommend these for people who are looking to ease their anxiety during the day and at night!
Review by Ashley A. on 02/24/21

Plant-Based Wellness 24hrs a Day

Formulated to keep you cool, calm, and focused on the task at hand.* Hemp oil aids in combatting anxiety, while adaptogens help your body respond to stress.* Promotes a calm-alert feeling, increased focus, more energy, and less anxiousness.* Over time, it may enhance a better mood, less stress, stronger immunity, and the reduced need for caffeine.*

  • Organic & Sustainable Ingredients
  • True Full Spectrum Hemp
  • 3rd Party Tested & Verified
  • Formulated by Master Herbalists