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Adaptogens, CBD, CBDa Oil Tincture
Good Day
Relieve Stress. Improve Focus, Concentration & Clarity.
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day
Good Day

Adaptogens, CBD, CBDa Oil Tincture

Good Day
Relieve Stress. Improve Focus, Concentration & Clarity.
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Voted Best CBD Tincture by Rolling Stone & Allure Magazine.

Good Day is an award-winning formula created by Master Herbalists and Ph.D. Biomedical Chemists to dial in your daily zen. 

The benefits of this adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture is that it supports a calm yet energized focus throughout your day —beyond what CBD alone can do.

  • Adaptogens for Vitality and Stress Support
  • CBD & CBDa for Stress Relief and Inflammation Support
  • Nootropic Herbs for Mental Clarity

Good Day: 300mg CBD and 100mg CBDa per bottle

Good Day: Herbaceous with notes of ginseng, rosemary and lemon 
Organic MCT Oil, Organic Extract Blend (Schisandra Berry, Bacopa Leaf, Asian Ginseng Root, Rhodiola Root, Holy Basil Leaf), Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Rosemary Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil

Everyone’s physiology is different. Start with our recommended dose and increase or decrease as needed. For best results, take in the morning or at the onset of stress or brain fog. 

For those familiar with CBD, CBDa and adaptogens take 1 ml or 1 dropperful in the morning under tongue. Increase 1–2x for stronger effect. 

For CBD, CBDa and adaptogen newbies, start slow with 5 drops under tongue. Wait 30 mins. If you feel no major change, add 0.5 ml (1/2 a dropper).

If taste is too strong for your liking, try diluting in water, juice or a warm latte. 

Lab Tested & Verified
Award Winning
100% Organic
No Additives or GMOs
CGMP Compliant
Trusted & Loved
It actually makes a difference!
I swore off CBD products after getting little or no effect for a lot of money. So I was surprised to take a chance on this, but it really works!! ...Taking some of this makes my brain fog clear and makes me relaxed (but not sleepy) enough to feel focused and energized like I am in the morning. So much better for my sleep and focus than having caffeine to get a boost. Highly recommend the splurge and will be budgeting to keep this in my life!
- Sarah
So. Good.
Overall a wonderful experience to use good day. Helps me drop the useless mental churning so I can focus on making meaning in my life.
- Alexander E.
I love everything about this product from the yummy taste to how chilled out it helps me feel. I haven't used it long enough to see how my inflammation does but I'm looking forward to positive results.
- Andrea S.
How We Compare
Prismatic Plants Good Day Adaptogen Supplement
ex. Moon Juice
Standard CBD Oil Prescription Anxiety Relief
ex. Lorazepam
Instant Stress Relief
Long Term Stress Support
Increased Mental Clarity & Focus (Reduces Brain Fog)
Systemic Health Support
Highly Bioavailable (Absorbs into bloodstream easily)

Imagine You...Minus The Stress

Our Good Day adaptogens, CBD, CBDa oil tincture is an all-in-one supplement to heal the effects of stress. The hemp oil (both full spectrum CBD & CBDa) goes to work on your endocannabinoid system while the adaptogens work on your HPA-Axis…both addressing the negative effects of stress on health. 

We worked with Master Herbalists, PhD Biomedical Chemists and experts in cannabis to design a formula that is gentle but very effective. Our formulation process takes months where we go through a multi-stage extraction process to infuse our herbs without the use of additives or fillers. This is paired with multiple rounds of 3rd-party testing to ensure our products are accurate and safe for consumption. 

  • All-In One, 9 plants in 1 bottle
  • Multi-System Approach to Healing
  • No Additives, 100% Plant-based
  • Will Not Get You High
3rd Party Test Results
We do rigorous outside lab testing to ensure this adaptogens, CBD, CBDa oil tincture is free from Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Heavy Metals, Dangerous VOCs, and the potency of our hemp (both the CBD & CBDa) is accurate.
Our Organic Ingredients


Called the “Five Flavor Berry,” this adaptogen promotes overall health by increasing our resiliency to stress and helping with both physical and mental endurance.*


A “cooling” adaptogen which helps prevent over-stimulation to the nervous system. Said to improve memory, mood, and a sense of calm well-being.*

Asian Ginseng

This “all-healing” adaptogen is used primarily for qi deficiency. It helps build strong immunity and promotes vitality.*


Known as a “Rasayana” (lengthening of lifespan) this is a unique herb in that it is both energizing and calming. It promotes mental clarity and longevity.*

Holy Basil

Also referred to as “Tulsi” this incredible herb is said to help balance our body’s energy centers or chakras. It relieves stress and helps with energy, digestion, and mental clarity.*

Rosemary Essential Oil

This everyday herb was chosen for its uplifting, nootropic capabilities. Its health benefits include promoting memory and concentration, soothing stress, and improving digestion.*

Lemon Essential Oil

This versatile herb helps clear and focus the mind while dispelling negative emotions.*

Cannabidiol (CBD)

A key cannabinoid found in hemp, CBD helps to fight inflammation, reduce pain, balance our stress.*

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDa)

The “raw” (or non-decarboxylated) version of CBD, CBDa is said to help with inflammation and anxiety.*

Eucalyptol (Cineol)

May help to improve cognition, brain function, and inflammation. Used often in cold remedies to reduce cough and congestion.*


Commonly found in citrus, this terpene promotes euphoria, elevated mood, and stress relief.*


The only terpene said to directly activate our endocannabinoid receptors especially the CB2 receptor which is found mostly in our intestinal and immune systems. Given this, it aids in decreasing inflammation in those bodily systems.*


One of the most typical plant terpenes, this is associated with a pine smell. Beneficial effects may include alertness, focus, creativity, and anti-viral properties.*
What are the benefits of Good Day’s adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture?
Experience the benefits of anxiety-soothing organic, full-spectrum plant extracts with key energizing adaptogenic herbs (Schisandra, White Ginseng, Rhodiola, Bacopa, Holy Basil) in our daytime tincture.

Our superpower plants combat anxiety and help your body respond to stress. You’ll notice a calm-alert feeling, increased focus & energy, and less anxiety. Over time, you’ll have a better mood, less persistent stress, enhanced vitality, and a reduced need for caffeine.
How often should I take this adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture?
We recommend taking it every day for the first couple of weeks before you evaluate its overall effectiveness. Plant-based medicine, like Good Day, is a gentle nudge bringing your health slowly back to balance without severe side effects like prescription or OTC medications. The adaptogens take time to work their magic for helping you "adapt" to stressors. The CBD & CBDa work more quickly but healing inflammation (which can cause brain fog and anxiety) takes a bit of time.
How do I take this adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture?
Good Day oil tincture is best taken sublingually, which means under the tongue. Hold for 30sec-1min before swallowing. This allows the adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture to absorb into the mucus glands in your mouth then into your bloodstream, bypassing your digestive system where many beneficial compounds would get filtered out.
What’s most effective - CBD tincture, capsules, or gummies?
We worked with PhD Biomedical Chemists who specialize in best forms of medicine delivery for the body in creating this product, a CBD oil tincture was by far more effective than capsules or gummies. This is because the tincture can be absorbed into the mucus glands in your mouth going directly into your bloodstream. When you swallow a capsule or chew a gummy, it’s going through your digestive track. Once in your digestive track, it not only takes longer to enter your bloodstream, but many beneficial compounds get filtered out before they can enter your bloodstream all together.
Can I get high from taking this adaptogen CBD, CBDa oil tincture?
No. CBD and CBDa is non-psychoactive and does not produce a "high" like THC. Good Day contains far less THC than the legal limit for hemp products which is 0.3% THC. This very small amount is not enough to get you high, even if you were to take large doses of the product. The small amount of THC that is in Good Day is beneficial in helping with an entourage effect which means making the overall hemp extract more effective at healing.
What tests do you run on Good Day?

Good Day adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture is tested for pesticides, heavy metals, yeast, mold, pathogenic bacteria, mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds, and cannabis potency. We have a Certificate Of Analysis attached to every batch to ensure product safety. If you would like to see our COAs, please click the links below:

Who should not take this adaptogens, CBD, CBDa oil tincture?
We do not recommend our products to pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under the age of 18, or those who have serious medical conditions. If you are taking any prescription drugs --blood thinners, calcium channel blockers, steroids, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, anti-arrhythmics, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-epileptics, beta-blockers, NSAIDs, --please be advised that CBD can inhibit your body’s ability to metabolize them. We recommend talking with your doctor before purchasing our product. More info on prescription drug interactions here.
I'm new to CBD, do you have a guide for learning about CBD?
Yes, please check out the CBD 101 link in our header for a detailed guide on all things cannabis, hemp, and CBD.
What are adaptogens and how do they work?
Adaptogens are natural, non-toxic herbs which allow the body to "adapt" to physical, chemical, environmental, or biological stressors. They have the unique ability to support the bodies recovery from these stressors by bringing it back to balance or homeostasis. Adaptogens grow in climates where it is inundated with environmental stressors. This innate resilience to combat environmental stress is why this plant/herb ends up being so beneficial when ingested by humans. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years but were not formally studied until the 1940s.

Good Day is adaptogen-packed with Schisandra, Bacopa, White Ginseng, Rhodiola, and Holy Basil. These powerful herbs work to bring your body back to optimal health. More vitality, energy, and less stress & anxiety are some of the benefits one can expect from taking these plants with regular use.
What is your return policy for Good Day oil tincture?
Unhappy with Good Day? We carry a happiness guarantee on our adaptogen, CBD, CBDa oil tincture. If you are not satisfied with our tinctures, simply return the unused portion of the product. If we receive a returned product within 30 days, we will issue a full refund minus the original cost of shipping. Reach out to our support team at for assistance on returning items.
Any other Q’s?
We’re here to help. Just reach out to us at and we will be happy to answer any other questions you might have on our products and oil tinctures.