Good Night
Good Night
Good Night
Nighttime Sleep Tincture

Good Night

This award-winning formula is an all-in-one blend of calming adaptogens and functional mushrooms (Ashwagandha, Reishi), nervines (Oatstraw and Skullcap), sleep-supporting herbs (Valerian, California Poppy,), and organic full-spectrum hemp rich with CBD & CBN to help soothe an anxious mind and encourage deep sleep.*

Over time, it promotes a better mood, less stress, stronger immunity, and a return to your natural circadian rhythm (when taken at the same time each night).*

  • Organic & Sustainable Ingredients
  • True Full Spectrum Hemp
  • 3rd party Tested & Verified
  • Formulated by Master Herbalists

☺︎ 30-Day Happiness Guarantee*

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Subscription FAQs

Try our signature Day & Night Set. Calm energy for your days & restorative, deep sleep for your nights. Purchase together and save.

Formulated to help you to relax & restore.* 

  • Promotes Deep Sleep with No Morning Grogginess*
  • Aids in Stress Relief*
  • Immunity Support*
  • Adrenal Support*



Good Night: 300mg CBD and 10mg CBN per bottle

Good Night: Herbaceous with notes of valerian and lavender

Organic MCT Oil, Organic Extract Blend (Reishi Fruiting Body, Oatstraw Aerial Parts, Ashwagandha Root, Valerian Root, California Poppy Aerial Parts, Skullcap Aerial Parts), Organic Hemp Extract, Organic Rosemary Extract, Organic Lavender Essential Oil

Every person is unique. Follow our dosing recommendations below and increase or decrease to suit your need. For optimal results, take 15-30 min before bedtime. Place tincture under the tongue and/or roll around gums for 30 sec.-1 min before swallowing. 

If familiar with plant medicine and CBD, take 0.5ml-1ml or 0.5-1 dropperful under tongue just before bedtime. For a stronger effect, increase 1–2x as needed. 

If new to CBD and plant medicine, we recommend starting low and slow with 5 drops under tongue. If after a short time you feel no major change, add 0.5ml (½ a dropper).


If taste is too strong for your liking, try diluting in water, juice or a warm latte. 

What tests do you run on your products?
Our products and individual ingredients are tested for pesticides, heavy metals, yeast, mold, pathogenic bacteria, mycotoxins, volatile organic compounds, and cannabis potency. We have a Certificate Of Analysis attached to every batch to ensure product safety. If you would like to see our COAs, please click the links below:
Good Day
Good Night

Who should not take our products?
We do not recommend our products to pregnant or breastfeeding women, children under the age of 18, or those who have serious medical conditions. If you are taking any prescription drugs --blood thinners, calcium channel blockers, steroids, antihistamines, benzodiazepines, anti-arrhythmics, antibiotics, antidepressants, anti-epileptics, beta-blockers, NSAIDs, --please be advised that CBD can inhibit your bodies ability to metabolize them. We recommend talking with your doctor before purchasing our product. More info on prescription drug interactions here.

What are adaptogens?
Adaptogens are natural, non-toxic herbs which allow the body to “adapt” to physical, chemical, environmental, or biological stressors. They have the unique ability to support the bodies recovery from these stressors by bringing it back to balance or homeostasis. Adaptogens grow in climates where it is inundated with environmental stressors. This innate resilience to combat environmental stress is why this plant/herb ends up being so beneficial when ingested by humans. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years but were not formally studied until the 1940s.

What is your return policy?
Unhappy with the product? We carry a happiness guarantee on our products. If you are not satisfied with our products, simply return the unused portion of the product. If we receive a returned product within 30 days, we will issue a full refund. Reach out to our support team at for assistance on returning items.

Good Night Really Works!

I have the kind of insomnia where you wake up in the middle of the night for hours. I have tried over the counter, Ambien, nothing was really that effective. But Good Night has been a great help. I still wake up, but now I usually quickly fall back asleep. When I miss a dose, it's like a whole different (worse) night of sleep.
Review by Gabrielle M on 09/04/20


I have always struggled going to sleep at night, and now I sleep great every night. I will be purchasing another bottle!!
Review by Jenn S. on 11/14/19

The only CBD that gets me to Sleep!

Not only does Good Night help me sleep, it keeps me asleep!
Review by Alycia S. on 01/26/21

Good Night = Great Sleep

This gorgeous tincture is now and forever a part of my nighttime wellness routine. The CBD + CBN helps me relax into sleep and then stay asleep. The adaptogens support my body in healing during that deep, restorative sleep. I wake up feeling rested and refreshed-- not ever groggy or hungover-feeling. I've also gifted bottles to my mom, my friends, my boyfriend...
Review by Jo M. on 7/10/19

How We Compare

Prismatic Plants Good Night Melatonin Pills Standard CBD Oil OTC Sleep Aid
ex. ZzzQuil
Effective Sedation
No A.M. Grogginess
Supports Your Circadian Rhythm (Improves sleep long-term)
Improved Immunity & Adrenal Support
100% Plant-based Formula

Healthier & Safer than Other Sleep Aids

Our nighttime CBD adaptogen tincture is an all-in-one supplement to help you rest and restore. It's healthier and safer for you than melatonin and many OTC sleep aids. We worked with Master Herbalists, and PhD Biomedical Chemists to design a formula that is gentle but very effective at helping you fall asleep and stay asleep without AM grogginess.

In making this product,  we spend months doing a multi-stage extraction process to infuse our herbs without the use of additives or fillers. This is paired with multiple rounds of 3rd-party testing to ensure our products are safe for consumption. 

  • Helps to Heal while you Sleep*
  • All-In One, 9 plants in 1 bottle
  • Zero Additives, 100% Plants
  • No high, just ZZZs


Referred to as “Spirit Plant,” reishi has been used in TCM for over 2000yrs. This medicinal mushroom is known to increase longevity and is often called the elixir of immortality.*


This herb is known for being beneficial to the nervous system. It helps restore vital energy, recover from illness and chronic stress.*


A unique herb in that it is a calming adaptogen (most adaptogens are stimulating). Aids in immune function, healthy aging, muscle recovery, stress relief, and reproductive health.*


Promotes an increase in the GABA levels (neurotransmitters) in our brains to help us quickly fall asleep and stay asleep without feeling woozy upon waking.*

California Poppy

Called the “Cup of Gold,” this plant promotes a sense of calm and sleep. It is both a nervine (calming to the nervous system) and a trophorestorative (helps to restore total health).*


This flower is a powerful nervine (calming) which helps with muscle aches/spasms, teeth grinding, and menstrual cramps.*

Lavender Essential Oil

A treasured herb throughout history, it is said to be a medicinal cure-all. Promotes relief of digestive distress, headaches, and depression.*

Cannabidiol (CBD)

A key cannabinoid found in hemp, CBD helps to fight inflammation, reduce pain, balance our stress.*

Cannabinol (CBN)

A potent cannabinoid (i.e. a little goes a long way) that may promote deep sleep, pain and stress relief. Claimed to be the most sedative out of all the cannabinoids.*


Prominently found in lavender, this floral terpene promotes calmness and sedation.* Said to help with improving mood, reducing muscle tension, and relieving inflammation.*


Often associated with mango, this terpene is said to be helpful in relieving anxiety, insomnia, and pain.*


The only terpene said to directly activate our endocannabinoid receptors especially the CB2 receptor which is found mostly in our intestinal and immune systems. Given this, it aids in decreasing inflammation in those bodily systems.*

Organic Ingredients



No Additives


CGMP Compliant

Gluten Free