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10 Energy Boosting Life Hacks

The top thing we’ve learned over the past year-- Every ounce of our energy is priceless. That might sound dramatic, but it’s true! So many things are affected by our energy levels, from our mental outlook to what we can contribute to those around us. On a quest to feel good (as much as possible), stay inspired, and try to stay on top of work, we’ve spent the past year (and honestly more) testing out some methods for boosting energy when we feel low vibes coming on. This article isn’t about avoiding the lows of course, rest is essential to wellbeing, but when you want or need to put a little pep in your step, these tips are here for you to try!

Most of these tricks or methods don't require purchasing things but are natural energy-boosters you can do at home already just with your grand ol’self. 

1. Rise and spit! - Yes, we said it. Your mouth produces a surplus of toxic bacteria overnight, which is why we often wake up with morning breath. Wake up, spit and follow it with a big glass of water to help your mouth reset.

Pro Tip: Try oil pulling with coconut oil. Take 1 tbsp of coconut oil and swish in mouth for 1-5min. When done, spit it in the trash can--not down the drain as it will harden when cold water hits it.

2. Drink Lemon water first thing in the AM - Equal parts old natural remedy and woo-woo wellness trend. It’s safe to say that lemon water has superpowers. Especially effective on an empty stomach or at the beginning of your day, lemon water is immune-boosting and the ultimate way to detox your body without doing anything crazy. Cleans your mouth, detoxes your liver, regulates your metabolism, we could go on! It’s such a simple habit and one that has a big return. We challenge you to try it straight for a week and report back!

Pro Tip: Add liquid chlorophyll to your water - Chlorophyll promotes the production of red blood cells and improves circulation. Better blood flow = higher energy levels. It also works to help our bodies detox. Not familiar with chlorophyll? It’s a naturally occurring pigment that plants (like many leafy green veggies) use to get their nutrients.

 3. Blink more - Science says that increased screen time causes us to blink half as much as we should. Blinking is rest for our eyes - it also thwarts off headaches, eye strain, and overall exhaustion we tend to feel after a day of work on our computer. More blinking = less of that ‘fried’ feeling after prolonged screen time.

 4. Wim Hof breathing techniques - Each breath is an opportunity for energy to be released into our bodies. The Wim Hof method focuses on taking 30-40 deep breaths in a row and should be practiced while sitting down. This method ensures that oxygen reaches all parts of the body for optimal energy levels.

 5. Reach for your cup o’ joe a bit later in the morning - Cortisol kicks in around 7 am each day - this release gives us natural energy and can reduce the amount of caffeine we ‘need’. So plan for coffee or caffeine once the body has evened out from the initial surge of cortisol, more like 9 or 10 am. The result is a more balanced day with energy that feels sustainable vs. severe highs and lows.

Pro Tip: Swap coffee for green tea or matcha. Perfect with a sidecar of Good Day.

6. Take a lap every 3 hours - Break up your days at home by scheduling a quick walk around the block for 12 pm and 3 pm. This movement is a total reset for our brain and bodies that helps us avoid feeling sluggish at any point during the day. Plus, vitamin D from sunshine and fresh air is always invigorating.

Pro tip: Use the stopwatch feature on your phone to set 3-hour timers 

7. Hold the sugar till early evening - Refined sugars and carbs are energy zappers as they take a lot of energy for our bodies to process. Sugar causes a temporary spike that quickly fades into a low-energy slump. If you can, save these foods for after you soar over the afternoon hump and are looking for an indulgent treat in the evening.

Pro tip: Instead of reaching for carbs or caffeine during your afternoon slump, Try a dropper of Good Day. With its soothing inflammation capabilities and nootropic herbs, it can give you a natural boost that won't affect your sleep quality.

8. Binaural Beats
- Calm the mind with music for your brainwaves. Binaural beats can help us reduce stress, therefore improving focus, concentration, and cognitive function. This music style focuses on different frequencies for each ear, resulting in a similar state that meditation provides. This is an efficient option for people who struggle with getting relaxed during meditation.

Pro tip: Check out Binaural Beats or Binaural to get started. 

9. Get inclined
- Lie on your back, place a pillow under your back, and put your feet up straight into the air, angling them towards your head. Sit like this for a few moments and then slowly stand up on vertebrae at a time. This practice is often used in yoga to increase blood flow to your brain, fighting fatigue while providing a natural energy boost.

10. Intermediate Fasting:
Try intermediate fasting every day, start at 12 hrs (the time you completed dinner to the time you have breakfast 8 pm-8 am. 

Pro Tip: See if you can stretch it to 16hrs 7 pm -11 am or 8 pm to 12 pm.*  *Only try this if you are in good standing health without serious medical conditions.


Got your own tips and tricks? Share them with us by replying to this email or by messaging us on Instagram! These nuggets of information can be life-changing for workflow or quality of life, and we love sharing them with our community.