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Thank You For Your Business! ❤️ ❌ STORE CLOSED. No Longer Taking Orders. ❌

6 Dimensions of Wellness

First and foremost, wellness is not a trend (though trendy 😉) and it’s inclusive of *every* individual being. Wellness is a multi-dimensional lifestyle that involves not only physical well-being but mental, emotional, spiritual and environmental elements as well. 

We’re taking these slower days to dive further into the 6 dimensions of wellness and how at the end of the day, it’s all about balance and tuning into your highest self. 

The 6 dimensions of wellness via the National Wellness Institute are: 

  1. Physical - recognizes the need for physical activity. Addresses nutrition in relation to physical wellbeing.
  2. Emotional - recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings
  3. Intellectual - recognizes one’s creative, stimulating mental activities. Unlocks the ability to share one’s gifts with others. 
  4. Social - how one contributes to their environment and community. This dimension emphasizes the interdependence between others and nature.
  5. Spiritual - recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in human existence
  6. Occupational - recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life through work. 

When we apply these dimensions, we quickly become aware of the interconnectedness of each dimension and how they contribute to healthy living. In more modern terms, the goal here is to live our best life. 

Breaking things down into these dimensions makes it infinitely easier for us to identify areas that might be on the fritz, which, in turn, allows us to avoid the domino effect.

Alright! So how do we make this personal? For us, it started with a list. 

List out each dimension and what you currently do to fulfill that dimension. When you’re finished, scoot a couple of inches over on the same page and make a separate list of desires per dimension. This will help you narrow in on where you’re looking to grow. 

Remember that wellness is a lifelong journey, not a permanent destination. All good things take time, care, and repetition so it becomes second nature. Stay kind and patient with yourself during this journey. 


Photo by Alexis Christodoulou