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Thank You For Your Business! ❤️ ❌ STORE CLOSED. No Longer Taking Orders. ❌

Energy Sensitivity


For most people, 2020 has demanded a different type of mental and emotional agility. This wild year has truly forced us to dissect what fills us up, what depletes us and how to ‘balance’ it all. Our energy sensitivity and wellness blog posts are the perfect place to find self-care tips and tricks.

If you’re feeling wiped, step back and ask yourself, what’s weighing me down? It could be a person, the political climate, taking care of family, or overcoming the challenge of being productive while at could even be the tenseness you experienced on your last trip to the grocery store or post office. Let’s face it, our whole social fabric with how we interact with friends, family and strangers has gone out the window! When we zoom out and look at the things that make us feel heavy, we are able to reconcile with what we can actually control. This frees ourselves to live in a space where we are able to focus on the things that actually bring us joy and fulfillment instead of fighting against a persistent roadblock of emotional gravity.

We know the term ‘self-care’ is a played out buzz word these days, but healing and conserving energy starts with finding ways to give space to yourself. After all, our uber- productivity’ values leave us all feeling depleted at some point. Our tips for creating that negative energy blocker are a little less traditional than the other standard self-care practices (i.e bubble bath and wine). So what does self-care look like when we are trying to preserve our energy and block out those bad vibes? 

  • Acknowledging ‘group’ energy - Never underestimate the power of collective energy. Monitor how you feel when consuming the news or scrolling Instagram. If it’s heavy, timebox it!

  • Don’t dwell - Easier said than done but where the energy goes, the energy flows. If you feel your mind drifting into dark or unwanted places, start up an engaging activity or guide your mind back things that feel positive. Our best practices here are 3-6 deep long breaths in a row to break the sensation and then turning it up to 11 on your favorite song.

  • Daily grounding activities - This is where the bubble baths come in. Let’s instead think about a ‘bubble bath’ metaphorically. What brings you back down to earth and gives you space outside that stressful activity? Working out, taking a walk, facetiming with a friend? Other suggestions we like: doing a puzzle, talking to & watering your plant friends, writing a postcard, reading a poem, or our fave-- partaking in cannabis and staring at the clouds.

  • Create your own vibe - Sometimes we have the option to create energy rather than mirroring or absorbing it. If your energy feels compromised, recognize that you have the power to take things in a different direction. It always starts with small thoughts of positivity and will power. Here’s where your personal mantra comes in. Sounds silly perhaps but try it and we swear you’ll feel some shift in positivity. A few mantras that get us through the day are...
    • 1. Ease….and Flow
    • 2. Feel it, now let it go
    • 3. I am on my own path


Image by: Influorescent