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Thank You For Your Business! ❤️ ❌ STORE CLOSED. No Longer Taking Orders. ❌

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide: Part 2

Stress-less gift guide: we source, you shop 

Two gift guides are better than one! We couldn’t stop at one gift guide for a myriad of reasons but these are the top two: 

  1. We love you and want to make thoughtful holiday shopping stress-free for you. 
  2. 2020 has been a real testament to community over competition. The small brand community (customers/founders/employees) have continuously showed up to support each other during this difficult year so we have to tip our hats to a few more of our favorite small brands. 

And of course, a surplus of time at home on the web = more time to uncover new amazing brands + try their products. Below you’ll find a few of our 2020 finds. By shopping with these brands you’re supporting small, sustainable companies who deeply value each sale that keeps their passion afloat. Browse our 2020 picks: 

For The Bod:

  • Mater Bar Soap - Soap with a side of aromatherapy. Try the Holy Bar or the Sea Bar. No artificial ingredients, sustainably sourced + plastic-free. $14

  • 3rd Ritual’s Earth Cream - Honestly it was love before this cream even arrived. They had us at, notes of Ylang Ylang, Cardamom, Vetiver and Rosewood. 

  • Crown Affair’s Renewal Mask - Like a very nourishing face mask but for your hair. A weekly self-care ritual that’s given our locks new life by leaning on tsubaki oil and yummy yuzu. 

For Your Health:

  • Far West Fungi’s Shiitake mini-farm - Shiitakes you can grow at home. A surprisingly simple set up that can yield 3-4 crops of delicious, homegrown mushrooms. What more can you ask for in 2020? 

  • Animamundi’s Collagen booster - A plant-based beauty boost. Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails.

  • Get some solid zzz’s as you try to wrap up 2020 and dream of less chaos that hopefully 2021 will bring with our Good Night tincture.

For Your Abode:

  • Lucia LaFerme Silk Eye Pillow - Delivering the complete darkness you need for a proper night of sleep. 100% silk smooth and dyed naturally with vibrant plants. 

  • IIIVVVYYY Ceramics Canyon Mug - A beautiful vessel for all the extra at home drinking happening. Coffee, tea, cocktails, you do you!