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Thank You For Your Business! ❤️ ❌ STORE CLOSED. No Longer Taking Orders. ❌

Intuition--The Sixth Sense

We’ve all had a moment where we feel guided by something inside ourselves. Did you know that the gentle push you feel is actually a part of our being?

We recently covered the value behind emotional intelligence and at the very core of that topic lies our intuition. When we tap into our intuition, the remaining skills associated with emotional intelligence become infinitely easier to exercise.

If you’ve ignored your intuition, that’s a-okay, it can be quieted but it is never entirely lost. The key to tapping back in is surrendering to yourself. Get quiet and give your inner voice a platform. What is it saying to you? How does your body feel? Allow yourself space to practice this mindfulness daily - it is a platform to connect to the wildest version of yourself. The human, the animal, the instinct.

An important note to remember, your intuition is sensory awareness, not thought awareness. Pause here. Reflect on this. This means tapping into your inner voice requires getting out of your head (and the plethora of digital stimulation that’s part of modern living) in order to reach what your gut and body are telling you.

Looking for guidance? Quick tips for tapping in:

  • Be willing to let go of the ‘get it done’ mentality. Step back from your to-do list, be present and return to go mode with fresh energy.

  • Don’t overdo it - alcohol, drugs, food can all hinder our intuition

  • Lean into negativity—feeling funky and don’t know why? Don’t disregard your dissatisfaction. Take the time to reflect and better understand what’s causing the friction in your psyche.

  • Meditate and ask yourself authentic questions (verbalize whatever comes to mind)

  • Step back and put things in perspective of the cosmos. We are part of a greater system at work. Thinking about the magnitude of this can create wonder and focus on a holistic rather than individual experience.