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Liana Vazquez: Taíno Floral Artist


Liana Vazquez is a Latina born and raised in Philadelphia but her roots come from la isla of Puerto Rico. Liana is a floral artist, petite model, soul fueling content creator, and is the assistant captain for the Women’s National Ice Hockey team of Puerto Rico. She is also the co-founder of Wilde & Lovely, a business that curates to those who are drawn to aesthetics in a more sustainable and ethical way of life. You can find her creative musings at @thelovelyvine on Instagram.

liana vazquez floral design artist

Liana's love for florals stemmed from being cooped up in her tiny NYC apartment. She began drying florals as a form of meditation. The guy she was dating at the time, told her to see a therapist because he was concerned about the abundance of dried flowers hanging everywhere in her tiny abode.  Quick to realize that this wasn't a mental health issue, but rather a mental health self-care, she dumped the guy and began passionately pursuing the craft of floral design. Since then, fortune has smiled upon her with new opportunities left and right that has allowed her to keep following her dreams.

Beyond floral design, she is a lover of her hometown Philly community, embracing sustainable practices, collaborating with her hat maker fiancé, and changing the face of ice hockey (yes, she is an Ice Hockey Champion!). 

How did you first discover plant-based medicine?

I discovered plant-based medicine during my college days, but I didn’t really dive deep into educating myself more until the year of 2019 when I was diagnosed with a life altering diagnosis that put me on the journey of plant-base medicine. 

What is one of your key plant-based medicine rituals? 

My key plant-based medicine will always always be Echinacea also known as the purple coneflower helps a lot with the inflammation within my body and builds my immune system. I consume a lot of THC/CBD, morning and night either with different herbal blends or without depends on how I am feeling to be honest.

"I suffer from crippling anxiety and Prismatic Plants has helped play a roll in my everyday consumption of medicine that I know is fueling to my body."

Do you have a cultural or ancestral connection to any plants?

I do have a cultural/ancestral connection with many plants, I am a Taíno which is a member of the Arawak people also known as a Borinquen. My people were consumers of it all cannabis, herbs, mushrooms, and even tobacco for healing/spiritual properties. I consume all of those, especially Yuca, which is the root of the Cassava plant. Yuca contains vitamins C,B, and A as well as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and iron. Also, fun fact it’s higher in fiber and potassium than any potatoes out there and so yummy.

What is the one plant/herb you can’t live without and why?

I can’t live without cannabis, it has really changed my life completely and has played a big roll in my journey of healing not just my body, but parts of my mind and soul. I consume, create, and heal all from one plant and I don’t know any other type of medicine that does it all for me besides cannabis. 

Can you share your favorite self-care practice?

Doing absolutely anything that will fill my soul. I believe self-care doesn’t have to be this thing with a price tag attached, simply meditating with yourself and just being with you is like the ancestral root of self-care. Just coming back to me is my favorite self-care practice, doing things like creating, smoking while doing your skincare routine, or taking a walk in the park with your favorite jams. Just loving your own company, there is nothing like that.

"Just loving your own company,
there is nothing like that."

PP: How do you like to use PP in your daily routine?

I use Prismatic Plants everyday, you can ask my fiancé my Good Night lives right by my bedside and my Good Day is always at arms reach. I suffer from crippling anxiety and Prismatic Plants has helped play a roll in my everyday consumption of medicine that I know is fueling to my body. Getting back into hockey shape is the hardest shape to get back into in my opinion, sore/tensed muscles is no joke. The Melt Tension Serum I have been adding it to my nightly routine lately and let’s just say I don’t intend on taking it out! 

PP: What is one organization you think people should know about and support?

There is an amazing organization located in the cultural heart of Latinx Philadelphia called, Taller Puertorriqueño. It’s a community-based cultural organization whose primary purpose is to preserve, develop and promote Puerto Rican arts and culture, grounded in the conviction that embracing one’s cultural heritage is central to community empowerment. I recently had my first floral exhibit there for Hispanic Heritage month and what they do for the community is beyond beautiful. This place is the beating heart of the Latinx community here in Philly.