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Relieving Brain Fog with CBD

Our atypical summer routines are in full swing and with the new ‘normal’ you may be experiencing the unpleasant gift of brain fog. You’re not alone! In fact, that’s exactly why we’re here writing to you. We feel it too. With so many changes to our day-to-day routines (inability to socialize, poor eating habits, over caffeination, no gym time), the mental clouds roll in and at times they seem like the least of our worries. Over time, brain fog can leave us feeling detached from ourselves in all realms - physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. This ‘Brain Fog’ we speak of is commonly thought of as a figure of speech but it’s actually an incredibly common medical condition mainly caused by inflammation in our bodies. 

So what exactly are the symptoms of brain fog? Brain fog directly affects your central nervous system causing side effects like poor concentration, memory problems, digestive issues, and fatigue. This fog is typically brought on by a lack of sleep (or poor sleep quality), nutritional deficiencies/changes in diet,  and you guessed it...stress! You know, all things that come along with life during a pandemic and a racial justice movement. Side note: Brain fog can also be a relatively common side effect of various prescription medications so be mindful when starting a new medication to understand what are the potential side-effects.

In our modern society, brain fog affects people at an epidemic level. In hopes of avoiding and reducing long-term effects, we’re here to sing praise to one plant-based remedy, in particular, CBD-rich hemp extract! 

One of the most common natural remedies for brain fog is CBD! Cannabidiol is a Nootropic compound that works to maximize cognitive function by mitigating the negative impact of stress and inflammation within the body.

CBD works wonders to improve brain function by: 

This powerful brain-boost is one of several reasons we included CBD in both of our formulas (and the addition of CBDa in our Good Day formula for an extra anti-inflammation boost!). We like to lean on CBD to regulate, provide calm, and eliminate fog while we tackle whatever else the day may bring.