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Summer Spirits Awakened

The summer solstice has arrived! This day is unique in many ways but we feel a deep sense of unity as cultures all across the world have celebrated the summer solstice for thousands of years.

Fun fact: This is a planetary moment that is experienced by every single person on this planet at the exact same time! The perfect reminder that we are all on this big, beautiful blue and green orb together. Monuments resurrected, sun ceremonies performed; all in the name of this supremely special time of being closest to the sun.

The days leading up to the longest day of the year symbolize a time of waking up or stretching outward to shed our inward focus from the darker, shorter winter days. View this time as a yearly peak or climax. The first half of 2020 brought many challenges (an understatement) and necessary, deep conversations that required us to do a great deal of inner work. Summer solstice is a time when traditionally one's inner work is fully realized and reflected upon. An accumulation of all our spiritual work that we can now push outward. As we cross this transition into summer, we enter a time where we are vibrantly awake and fully energized.


Take a sun bath: Lie on your back and soak up the energy of our brightest star. Take deep breaths and visualize the strongest parts of yourself. How can you tap into this part of yourself more often?

Zen out with the sunset: Tonight the sun will reach its yearly peak and complete its cycle of growth. Use this special sunlight to highlight areas of growth and accomplishment.

Get grounded: Despite the chaos of 2020, what's worked for you? What hasn't? How can you tap into your sun power for the rest of the year?

Have a play day: Take an adventurous hike, have afternoon delight, sketch the cosmos! Embrace those high, fiery vibrations.

Explore your creative side: This is a time for expanding our minds. Take time to get in touch with your creative self by coloring, cooking, or writing


Photo By: 민현우 (minhyunwoo)